I revel in being showered in exquisite goods & delicacies. Tributes are very respectable gestures and an excellent way to peek My interest or convey your sincerity in submission. Consider this a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make your mark in the world of a meticulous & ultra-critical Dominant with a proclivity for detail and structure. Those that recognize My unique taste in modern luxury & design will surely be remembered. If you are uncertain where to begin, I mostly prefer black when it comes to fashion and have a penchant for steel hardware & leather goods.

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Here is a list of fine shops that I will accept gifts or vouchers from.

Leather: Fleet Ilya –  Zana Bayne

Lingerie: La Fille d’O

Latex: Westward Bound

BDSM: Extreme Restraints


You may send monetary tributes via GiftRocket here or via Google Wallet to I also accept Amazon gift cards sent to the same email address.

You can view My Amazon wishlist here.